Types of Media:
  • Images (Pictures; Clipart)
  • Audio
  • Video & Slides
  • Files (Documents; PDFs)
  • Other (comics; thinking webs)

Images: Directions for adding images via Edublogs Challenge.

Media (video/slides/more) - Learn about the many different tools you can 'embed' into your blogs then learn HOW to embed them into a Blogger blog.

Kidblogs - Adding Media video by Wes Fryer (It is 11 minutes long and he is giving a tutorial to his students about his class - but there is some great information here)

ACTIVITY: Go to one of the following sites to modify one of your existing photos: Befunky.com or BigHugeLabs

10 Ways to Create Videos without Downloading Software: Compiled by Richard Byrne (Free Technology for Teachers).